Who we are

National University of Political Studies and Public Administration is the main school of governance in Romania. Its institutional outlook is oriented towards promoting and putting into practice the connection between the academic process and the real transformation of Romanian politics. In this context, the University is constantly pursuing the objective of training professionals able to contribute through their skills and knowledge, to the creation and implementation of public policies in Romanian and European institutions.

In October 2012, the "Theodor Herzl" Centre of Israeli Studies (CSIs) within the Faculty of Political Science was founded by a Decision of the Senate of the University. In the contemporary academic world, there is an ever-growing trend towards a deeper knowledge of various areas of world civilization, towards deepening the information on their spiritual anatomy, political structures, and economic interests. The development and diversification of regional studies, as an expression of this trend, is a relevant phenomenon connected to university life. Grasping different realities enriches knowledge and facilitates the understanding of highly complex phenomena. In this sense, it is worthwhile mentioning the emergence of different studies. The very concept - which is quite wide - of European Studies, in a continuous expansion, is the expression of the dynamics pertaining to regional studies. This is the context in which the new academic structure of Israeli Studies was created.

The Centre is committed to promoting regional studies in order to facilitate the knowledge of political realities in various geographical areas. Similarly, it aims at advancing the knowledge and providing a rigorous academic perspective on issues pertaining to the Israeli government, politics, and society. The Centre was created in order to provide deeper analysis and an academic alternative to the journalistic or one-sided approaches.

According to its mission, the University delivers and promotes knowledge through its educational and research activities. Also, it provides professional competencies in the field of social and political science, public administration, economy, and public relations. It also contributes to the national and international developments and transformations in these fields. The University's activity is characterized by intensive research in fields related to the study of the Holocaust, Gender Studies, Electoral Systems, Israeli Studies, etc. 

The strategy of the "Theodor Herzl" Centre for Israeli Studies is based on the idea that Romanian youth, and potentially youth from southeast Europe, would greatly benefit from an educational and research-based institution located in Bucharest.

In this context, it must be mentioned that one of the principles of the Centre is to distance itself from politicized positions. The need for such an approach is motivated by the necessity to analyze diverse perspectives of Israel.

Although we have recently witnessed the emergence of Romanian research centers and graduate programs of regional studies that satisfy students' interest in understanding different areas of the world, a center of Israeli Studies was only recently founded. The importance of such a center lies in the fact that Israel is situated in one of the most significant and complex regions of the world and has unique socio-political traits. The activity of the center will focus on the analysis of Zionism, as a movement and national ideology, and on a thorough analysis of Israel’s political, economic, and social relations.

Over time, "Theodor Herzl" Center for Israeli Studies has become one of the most active Centres in SNSPA and succeeded to form partnerships with international educational institutions, particularly concluding formal agreements with Beit Berl College and the Haifa University. During these years, CSIs has organized a specialized library at the SNSPA University, a library that can be consulted by students and other researchers. Our Center publishes a regular newsletter on Israeli subjects and runs a Facebook page with news and analysis on Israel's political, scientific, artistic, and sports activities.


The "Theodor Herzl" Centre of Israeli Studies is functioning under the active supervision of Prof. Dr. Liviu Rotman, Head of the Centre, accompanied during the years of current functioning by the following assistants: Dr. Horia Bărbulescu (2012-2014), Dr. Gabriela Ion (2014-2015), Dr. Ildiko Galeru (2015-2019), Daniel Gheorghe (2017-Present), Teofan Axinte (2020-Present).

The activity of the Center for Israeli Studies was permanently supported by Liliana Popescu (Vice-Rector for International Relations at SNSPA).

Periodically the Center has involved students in activities of volunteering. Students from Romania and other countries practiced their skills in the activities of our Centre. Students of the Faculty of Political Science from SNSPA University benefited from Internship programs and received credits for their activity.